Partners in Building Your Company

We consider ourselves your partner in leading your search process. We invest ourselves personally on your behalf to uncover the talent that will drive your company's future, at all levels within the organization.

We deliver the best results when you invite us into the process. Often this means providing full access to your hiring managers and other team members. Allow us to become part of your team. By seamlessly integrating into your company, we can comprehend your company culture, appreciate the nature of the position and fully understand its requirements. The outcome will be that ideal candidate with whom you can build your company's future.

“Using Welsh & Associates took a tremendous burden off my shoulders; I was able to devote my time to my primary duties rather than diverting significant time to locating and evaluating candidates. The finalist candidates presented for our consideration had been thoroughly vetted, allowing us to find the best candidate that matched the needs of our company.”

– Ron S., CEO

Every Position is Important to Your Success

Our search tools are wide-ranging. We have access to extensive talent databases and professional associations from around the nation. But that's only a beginning. We don't simply rely on a prescribed data search. We've built a network with successful businesses and accomplished individuals to connect to talent that other methods miss.

For every search we undertake, we use executive search techniques. Whether you're seeking senior management, professional expertise, managerial or technical talent, we apply the same in-depth, hands-on process to garner candidates with superior potential.

The techniques and methodology that make up our work process are customized to your requirements. As a result, candidates are of a far higher caliber than those generated by a typical search process that merely shuffles resumes.

This means your time will be spent considering qualified candidates, rather than screening a mass of paperwork or a flood of emails. Our process uncovers those candidates who will have a significant, positive impact on your organization.

Your ideal candidate may already be employed or may be seeking to deliver greater impact in their career, but is unaware of you. Ninety-two percent of our placements are sourced from referrals and networking. In effect, we find the best doing the work, not merely those looking for work.

It is those successful individuals who will enable your company to flourish. It is precisely those individuals that the Welsh & Associates' process uncovers.